Silverstein Sound Service

Roy Silverstein

Recording Engineer/Mixer/Producer and Electrical Engineer Specializing in Audio

Silverstein Sound Service is run by Roy Silverstein of San Diego, CA. Roy holds a BSEE with Audio Emphasis from University of Miami (FL). He has extensive experience in the art and science of audio recording, mixing, and mastering and also has 14 years of experience in audio system design for mobile devices. Roy was previously a Senior Staff Engineer/Manager at Qualcomm, Inc. in the Audio Codec Systems team and is now the house engineer at Rarefied Recording. He previously ran the house-show venue known as The Habitat, where he not only did live sound for the multitude of concerts given there, but also recorded bands in the home studio he created. Roy wrote an e-book on his experience running The Habitat and has also has authored several articles for Tape Op magazine.

In 2013 Roy created Silverstein Sound Service to represent his specialized talents in the field of audio. Please consider the services listed on the Home page for your music or audio business needs.